Zodiac Casino Bonus Und Spiele

Avalon has always been a popular slot, but nothing beats the thrill you’ll feel as you play with up to five other players simultaneously in this latest multi-player version. Enjoy free spins, multipliers up to 90x, wilds, and two scatters, while watching the other players perform. Always keep an eye out for the bonus thermometer on the right edge of the screen, as it indicates which multi-player value you will receive by activating the Community Free Spins bonus feature. Try this weekend with multiplayer Avalon. Every day, 10 players are selected and receive a € 100 bonus.

You must have opened a real money account and deposited a minimum of $ 20 into this account for the duration of the promotion. Prizes of $ 100 will be credited to the player’s Zodiac Casino account.

As part of the well-known Casino Rewards group, Zodiac Casino Online has a quick download of the Microgaming software and is highly regarded for its prompt payments and excellent customer service.

Zodiac Casino Online offers you 20 € free if you deposit 1 € – that’s a 2000% bonus. You can then receive an additional 100% bonus of up to € 100 for your second deposit of € 100 or more. All bonuses and promotions at Zodiac Casino are managed by Casino Rewards, the most competitive loyalty program online. Casino Rewards membership is free and automatically occurs when you sign up for Zodiac Casino Online. Casino Rewards provides efficient, reliable and multilingual customer service to ensure that everyone receive bonuses instantly to your account and also offer great weekly and monthly promotions.

Zodiac Casino Online provides an impressive selection of games, including video poker, slots, table games and progressive jackpots. The new VIPER operating system offers a continuous flow of brand new games spread over the year. Zodiac Casino Online now offers a total of more than 400 impressive games with completely new options, available to all players in every genre.

Zodiac Casino Online offers all its players a wide range of different payment options to face the growing problems of depositing money in online casinos.

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