The History Of Casino Games Germany

The gamble must be in human nature. How else could one explain the fact that gambling can be found in every culture, every century, from ancient Egypt and ancient China to the Roman Empire to 21st century Internet casinos? The history of casinos and casino games is therefore long and fascinating.

The little house of games

The word casino derives from the Italian for “small house”. It originally referred to a small pavilion in the park of a large villa. The little house was used for parties with music and dancing as well as socializing and sometimes gambling. Over time, the games took the lead role in the casino and the little house grew into a major gambling club. The first modern casino we know today was established in 1861 in Monaco, today a gambling center. Casino gambling for money was legalized in the United Kingdom in 1960, but this did not prevent many Britons from continuing to travel to the casino in Europe.

In the United States, gambling for money over the centuries has been alternately legal and prohibited. The first gambling laws were passed in the 17th century, although gambling had long been a traditional part of the American Indians. In 1931, the state of Nevada legalized gambling, which led to the founding of Las Vegas as the city of casinos. Las Vegas is still known for its large number of casinos and the different games offered there. Foxwoods Casino in the state of Connecticut has 6,000 slot machines and 350 table games. The small house is not that small anymore.

The history of slot machines

Slot machines were invented by the mechanic Charles Fey in California in the 1890s. He called his slot machine “Liberty Bell”, but he became widely known as a one-armed bandit. Over time, slot machines were added developed with multiple rolls and paylines, more interesting themes and symbols and a more advanced technology such as the random number generator eventually replaced the mechanical rolls. This development culminated in the introduction of online slot machines in the 1990s, just a century after the invention of the Liberty Bell. The development of online slot machines in turn led to the design of online video poker, a close relative. In fact, the story is far from over, with newer, better, and more exciting online slots being developed each month.

The history of card games

Modern maps, as we know them today, were reworked in France in the 14th century. These maps were taken from ideas that have been picked up in Central Asia and the Arab countries. The French nobility was known to play with cards with pictures of Napoleon and other emperors. Originally, maps had completely different images than today and were carved out of wood. The French are responsible for the colors – check, heart, spades and cross.

With the cards developed games such as poker and blackjack. Blackjack is considered a later version of a game known as Trente et Un, in which the player had to get as close to 31 as possible (Trente et Un) to win. From the Trente et Un developed the Vingt et Un, French for 21 Blackjack with its many variants or Pontoon, as it is called by the British.

Poker was so named by the French and developed from the Persian game “As Nas”. Poker continued to evolve and spread over the continents over the years as one of today’s most prolific casino games.